Hip beats, R&B Beats, Royalty Free and Exlusive instrumentals. These tracks were originally for production deal purposes, and have not been heard outside of industry studio walls, until now, on our Volume 1 & 2 audio CD’s. Those tracks, plus our newer tracks, are now available to you in a PROTOOLS fully tracked out file. The new Royalty Free Volume disks, which are 2 TRACK stereo files, are for use on DVD or commercial projects, multimedia projects, or simply for those of you who may not have the access to expensive studios but still want to “put it down” the best way that you know how…

The royalty free “CD Volume Beats” and the single “Professional Beats” Pro Tools files are Royalty free with non-exclusive licensing. This means you are purchasing the permission to use the songs at a discounted price for your own use, but the ownership of the song is not exclusive to you the buyer. So, their may be others who will purchase that same song for their particular use. The exclusive Pro Tools tracks are available in the “Industry Beats” column of the website, at my current production price. This means that the particular song belongs to only you, upon purchase, and it will not be re sold by IMB Productions after that point. New songs are added to the website periodically.

Don’t fall for other sites offering 100 beats on a disk, and only 2 of the beats sound remotely close to something hot.

EXLUSIVE LICENSE -PROTOOLS Meaning song belongs to only you, upon purchase, and that it will not be re sold by IMB Productions after that.


NON EXLUSIVE LICENSE -PROTOOLS ownership of the song is not exclusive to you the buyer. You are paying for the royalty free use of the song.


NON EXLUSIVE LICENSE -10 songs on each Royalty Free Volume disk. CD consists of ten 2 TRACK stereo files,full length and pre mixed.

The IMB CD Volumes can be used for things such as: Video Soundtracking, Presentaions,Commercials, Music Albums, DJ use.

If your tired of rapping over your cousins weak tracks. You’ve been selling albums for years but just can’t figure out why people ain’t feelin your sound outside your city limits.Its time for you to reach your full potential. Its time to “Step Ya Game Up”. IMB Productions is here to provide you that real sound that the music industry is looking for.No samples here! Anyone with a MPC can do a Kanye West or a P Diddy, and sample an old hit, to make a new hit. All instruments that you hear on these songs were performed and recorded by Piankhi for IMB Productions.

If you are unable to listen to the audio previews provided on this web site, please ensure that your "POP UP BLOCKER" is turned OFF. A media player is also required on your computer. If your computer does not already have one, click this Icon to obtain a free media player download.

1. TheTightest BUY
2. Shake it SOLD
3. Cutoff BUY 
4. Back BUY 
5. Move It BUY  
6. Got It Back BUY 
7. Smoove BUY 
8. U Dont BUY 
9. Bash SOLD 
10. TrySomethin BUY 
11. JustOne BUY 
12. TC   BUY 
13. Slowdance SOLD
14. Scene BUY 
15. UglyMoma   BUY 
16. Underrated SOLD 
17. FromTheRain BUY 
18. Soul BUY 
19. _ _
20. _ _
1. Atari BUY
2. Lada BUY
3. KotoRide   BUY
4. Chop BUY
5. MyLord BUY
6. LoNote   BUY
7. NewGtr BUY
8. NextLevel BUY
9. Finished   BUY
10. _ _
11. _ _
12. _   _
13. _ _
14. _ _
15. _ _
16. _ _
17. _ _
18. _   _
19. _ _
20. _ _
1. Akbar VOL 1
2. Wackadoo VOL 1
3. Phat VOL 1
4. Cupcakin VOL 1
5. Thineline VOL 1
6. Getstupid   VOL 1
7. Untitled VOL 1
8. Really VOL 1
9. Tonight VOL 1
10. Slide VOL 1
11. Indiago VOL 2
12. UN VOL 2
13. Bump that VOL 2
14. Wlyman VOL 2
15. Dyno VOL 2
16. 4U VOL 2
17. Inspire VOL 2
18. Voicemail VOL 2
19. Mallet VOL 2
20. Talkin Rave VOL 2
IMB PRODUCTIONS also provides custom music production services such as Movie sountracking. Click the above play button for a sample.

When you purchase a beat from the volume beats 1 and 2 or the professional beats sections, you are purchasing leasing rights. That means that you are paying for permission to use the beat(s). Once you pay for permission, you may use the beat(s) for your album or demo, etc... The beats are also royalty free, which means you keep all the profits from sales. If you use our beats, we only ask that you give credit like this:Produced by Piankhi Williams for IMB Productions. Beats are already sequenced with verses and hooks areas, and are ready to record on. For more information on the terms of use for the "industry beats" section, please click the TERMS OF USE link.You can buy the CD VOLUME BEATS beats with a credit or debit card through my shops web host cafepress.com. Cafepress.com does not except money orders or cashier's checks. All Protools (exclusive and non exclusive) purchases will processed through PayPal and shipped from IMB Productions personally. To pay with money orders or cashier's checks, you must contact IMB productions directly.Once payment is received, we will mail your beat(s) within 5 business days. NO SAMPLES were used in any of these songs. AbsolutelyALL instruments were performed and recorded by Piankhi WIlliams. All beats were produced byPiankhi Williams for IMBproductions.